Supplemental Service Agreement (Sample)

(Addendum to The Lawnmower Medic® Service Contract)

____________________ (hereafter referred to as Client) and Robert Baker (hereafter referred to as The Lawnmower Medic®) is made and entered into on the
______ day of ________202____.

This Supplemental Service Agreement (hereinafter “Service Agreement) is a supplemental addendum to The Lawnmower Medic® Service Contract (“Plan”) provided the client has purchased the Plan and paid monies under the Plan. Often there will be a period between the purchase of the Service Agreement and the beginning of the contract. The intent of this Service Agreement is to provide services for unexpected repairs between the equipment inspection to qualify for the service contract and the date of the first annual service which starts the three-year Service Contract and the 72-hour response guarantee.

The term of this Service Agreement is that to cover your mower for costly break downs between purchase date of your The Lawnmower Medic® Service Contract (“Plan”) and the first service performed which begins the 3 year cycle we offer this Supplemental Service Agreement.

Payment under the Supplemental Service Agreement shall be as follows and to be paid upon signing the Service Agreement.

Total $_________

NC Sales Tax $_________

Final Total $_________

X___________________________ Date: __________________


X___________________________ Date: __________________

The Lawnmower Medic

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